Our Services

We are a team of VR/AR experts coming from Facebook, Microsoft and Google. We focus on developing high quality interactive VR/AR applications for enterprise. We believe that VR/AR will play a huge role in many functional areas such as marketing, training and product development. Let us make that future happen!

Consulting and Creative

Design VR/AR development proposal according to your industry and functional area.

VR Application Development

We could develop interactive VR applications or content on various platforms such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

Hololens Application Developmpent

Microsoft Hololens is the standard of AR headsets. It has already been widely adopted in marketing, maintainence and training. We could help you start your "holographic" journey.

Mobile AR Application Development

We could deliver preimium interactive AR experiences on mobile phones and tablets.

Case Studies

Fundamentally VR is a new communication technology. Any functional area that requires communication will witness VR's impact. We will work with you to identify your needs and make sure we deliver the best value for your company.


Andrew Hu


As a seasoned serial entreprenuer from Silicon Valley, Andrew's passion is to fully realize VR/AR's potential in non-entertainment applications. A long time ago, Andrew was a code ninja/product hustler at Facebook and Microsoft.

Fan Lin


As an early team member on the Microsoft Hololens team, Fan has witnessed the rise of holograms first hand and can not wait to develop the next killer app.

Yang Xu

Director of Art

Having shipped many successful titles, Yang is a veteran artist from the gaming industry. Virtual reality has completely reignited Yang's creative passion.

Xintong Zhou

Director of Engineering

Xintong has built very sophisticated systems at Google and Microsoft. His goal at WonderMatrix is to ensure our applications run with highest degree of robustness.

Why Us?

Deep VR/AR industry insight

We have been in the VR/AR industry for many years. We could design proposals that deliver unique value for your use case.

Computer Vision

We have deep expertise in computer vision. We could satisfy your needs in image recognition, image processing, 3D scene reconstruction, SLAM and etc.

3D content development

Our team has developed game engines as well as many successful titles. We could develop high quality interactive 3D content very efficiently.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is a new challenge in virtual reality. Our experience in original computer graphics research could help you accomplish effects that have never been done before.

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